Visiting apartments. First, opening the door to an entirely new place. Then, assessing if you can picture yourself living in the space. Finally, taking pictures of every room so you can look back.

This is something everyone does when in the search for a place to live. But before calling a place home, you first project yourself in the intimacy of someone else, of someone who is currently inhabiting that space.

Through her own search for a place to live, Aude Parichot collected a series of mobile phone photographs of the Sydney apartments and houses she visited between July and October 2017. In this series of photographs, the viewer is invited to look at usually dismissed images.

By capturing spaces and lives belonging to others, “open for visits”series question the intrusive and yet spontaneous nature of embodying someone else’s place, the line between public and private spaces, the unconscious voyeuristic nature of apartment hunting, and the very own concept of intimacy.

This project has been printed in a book through Sydney Art Space Project Book Machine (Sydney) II in October 2017 in collaboration with Designer Mark Gonzales. Get in touch for enquiries.