This Project/Exhibition  is a take on the 1944 play Huis-clos (No Exit) by Jean-Paul Sartre, were each artist (Jan Handel, Nik Kamvissis, Aude Parichot) examines the broad concept that "hell is other people". The play is set in ‘hell’, a single inescapable room in which three people are destined to live in the same space together for eternity. Their interactions create an ongoing hell for each one. It is through the eyes of others that we come to discover aspects of ourselves, and act on them, or not.

  The  Exhibition took place at Library Stairwell Gallery, National Art School, Sydney,  June 2013.

Who am I and how do I know? The existential dilemma is the struggle between just being, or submitting ourselves to the Look of the Other. Paradoxically, since the Other’s gaze is inescapable, we are doomed to find our consciousness in this external objectification of ourselves so we can liberate ourselves through our own actions, transcend this hell and finally exist. In this exhibition, I want to question self-consciousness, self "shaping" and the reflection and ownership of our image, our identity, our responsibility.”