Gaffa Gallery 26 April-7 May 2018-Sydney

In this series of work, Aude Parichot explores the relationship between body and space.

Following on from her own experience of leaving her birth country and pre-defined paths, Parichot explores the idea of displacement and ways of relating to place, culture, self and others. This series of works becomes a metaphorical search for belonging, connection and grounding, an experience of being and engaging with inner and outer worlds.

In the tradition of Abstract Expressionism, and inspired by Matisse’s painting “The Dance”, Parichot uses her body in a lyrical and gestural drawing process, in a physical connection with space. The figure or parts of the figure define in her work a sense of belonging and placement. Parichot works in an organic and intuitive manner, inviting chance in the process.

Inspired by found images, memories, everyday observations, Aude Parichot’s process evolves in the act of making, embracing odd discoveries and imperfections. Her raw and expressive life-size drawings capture full body movement in space. The series of prints, with a Surrealist influence, exposes images which are out of context, juxtaposed, overlaid, or connected, creating abstract visual compositions and narratives for the viewer. 

360 and images